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The Friends of El Cerrito Trees are seeking new members to join our group. There is a lot to be done to make El Cerrito a greener, enviromentally friendly place to live and work. Want to help out? Below are some of the tasks we hope to accomplish. Check out our Events Page to get involved in our current projects or come check out one of our meetings. Thanks!

Educate the public and the City Council and city staff about benefits of trees, by:
- Collaborating with the City on the development of an Urban Forest Plan

- Creating flyers and letters about trees & urban forests
- Speaking in public meetings & holding seminars on tree issues
- Creating a calendar on trees, their care, and their assets to the community
- Holding or participating in adult education courses
- Collaborating with school teachers in environmental education classes
- Presenting information on trees in local fairs (e.g., El Cerrito 4th of July)
- Gathering & documenting information on trees in El Cerrito's parks

Address policy issues affecting trees in El Cerrito, such as:
- Organizing efforts to repeal existing view ordinance and to support alternative ways for citizens (and the city) to address discrepancies over trees.
- Providing full information to the public about the view ordinance
- Gathering information on legal/policy approaches to deal with tree issues
- Considering participation in the tree commission
- Developing an Urban Forest Plan

  • Participation in tree planting and tree care-taking:
    - Organizing tree-planting activities
    - Collaborating with other groups that are doing vegetation management and to support others in conservation activities

    - Applying for grants for tree planting
  • Participation and Consultation with the City Council and staff on tree issues, by:
    - Participating in City Council meetings to represent community tree issues
    - Providing input & advice to the City Council for proposals and planning concerning trees and vegetation/park management
    - Meeting with individual council members and city staff or other decision-makers to discuss tree management issues


  • Developing strategies to gain further support and to spread actions, by:
    - Seeking information about grant opportunities
    - Meeting with potential allies (non-profit groups, policy-makers, etc..)
    - Partnering with other similar groups for fundraising
    - Developing communication approaches



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