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FRIENDS of EL CERRITO TREES is an all volunteer, community-based group of citizens who are interested in the protection, preservation, proper maintenance, and planting of trees in El Cerrito's public parks, along its streets and on private property. The members of the group are also concerned about related issues of conservation of vegetation and stewardship of natural resources for the health and well-being of our communities and environment. Friends of El Cerrito Trees is a Formal Partner of the California Urban Forests Council and a Member of ReLEAF and a City of El Cerrito sponsored group.

General Goals of the Group:
- Raise public awareness about the value of trees, through educational and outreach efforts.
- Protect and preserve trees in public and private property in El Cerrito, and discourage unhealthy pruning methods and removal of healthy trees.
- Encourage and assist in the maintenance and planting of trees and other vegetation.
- To support broader enviromental conservation and stewardship efforts in El Cerrito.

Members of the group believe that mature trees help to make El Cerrito a pleasant place to live and work. The group members recognize that trees have many proven benefits and values, including the following:

- Reduce air pollution
- Beautify streets, homes, and parks
- Increase property values by as much as 20%- 20,000 per mature tree
- Buffer against noise like Bart
- Provide homes for beneficial birds & animals
- Prevent soil erosion and stormwater run-off
- Moderate temperatures
- Stabilize slopes & hillsides
- Enhance the environment & views
- Reduce Energy consumption by 15 to 35%
- Help clean the air by trapping dust and pollen

- Provide Positive Privacy

All people who share these interests, who live in El Cerrito and neighboring communities are welcome to join Friends of El Cerrito Trees.



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